7-8 Tips To Great Preso’s

June 28, 2013 § 1 Comment

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And Don’t Be This Guy

Be Yourself:

Note:  Too many slides here but Nancy Duarte is an expert in this field – so flip through quickly –  you’ll find some “pearls” of wisdom in the sea of slides:

I’ve summarized the slides / points that matter the most (to me):  Next time I’m on stage I’m reviewing these notes below….

1) Audience – Readiness – tend to the ecosystem  (Who?, What?, Why?, How?)

  • Who are they? – walk in their shoes – what’s their perspective?
  • Why are they here?  situational analysis
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • How can you help solve their problem?
  • What do you want them to do / think about?
  • How can you best reach them?
  • How might they resist?

2)  Engage – Connect – OPEN WITH A PUNCH (You get 60 seconds to grab audience attention – no matter who you are)

  • Personal
  • Unexpected
  • Novel
  • Challenging
  • Humorous

Move with Purpose – Eye Contact – Pause Effectively

3)  Add Playfulness

  • Interact – throw something –
  • Make a Point – Use Audience Member (will I be next?)

4) Body Language:   Our bodies can change our minds, our minds change our behavior, our behavior changes our outcomes.

  • No tech life hack
  • Audit of your body
  • Power = Open Up – Get Wide
  • Powerless = small, wrap up
  • Fake It until you become it:  – when forced to smile – hold pen in teeth – makes you happier
  • Our minds changes our bodies? – do our bodies change our minds?
  • Role changes also shape the mind/body chemistry
  • PRESENCE is most important –  (Passion, confidence, authentic, comfortable, captivating,enthusiastic)
  • 2 Minutes of Powerful Pose – configure your brain – testosterone up, cortisol down

5)  STAR Moments

  • shocking stats
  • evocative visuals
  • emotive storytelling
  • repeatable soundbites

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