A Boy 6 – 9 Years Old Is Responsible For His Dad’s Cows…..

May 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

A Story of a Young Kenyan Boy, Richard Turere, who made peace with the Lions.

One Year Ago, I was just a boy in the Savannah grassland herding my fathers cows and I used to see planes flying over.   I told myself one day I’ll be there inside [that plane}…and here I am.  My big dream is to become an aircraft engineer and pilot when I grow up.

There’s so much to this story.  A 12 yr old dreamer.  A problem solver.  An entrepreneur.  The creator of “Lion Lights”.    A story of getting on the world’s stage at a Ted conference and sharing with us all.  A story of making peace with one’s enemies.

My community is the Masai.  We believe we come from heaven with all the animals and all the land.  That’s why we value them so much.  So I grew up hating lions so much…..

An amazing and inspiring story we can all learn from.


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