Connection is the New Currency

Seth Godin published an absolutely brilliant blog post today covering so many important ways of working in today’s “Connection Economy” (he buries that lead a bit).   I immediately translated (in my head) as “Connection is the New Currency”.

A Must Read: Seth’s Blog

In his post, the focus is on Trust, Transparency, Leadership, Storytelling, and Humanity and how all these concepts interlink:

“All of these assets, rolled into one, provide the foundation for the change maker of the future.”

So many other great quotes and concepts including

Race to the Top

“The race to the top focuses on delivering more for more. It embraces the weird passions of those with the resources to make choices, and it rewards originality, remarkability, and art.”

Trust and Permission

“We seek out people who tell us stories that resonate, we listen to those stories, and we engage with those people or businesses that delight or reassure or surprise in a positive way. And all of those behaviors are the acts of people, not machines. We embrace the humanity in those around us, particularly as the rest of the world appears to become less human and more cold.


“Management is almost diametrically opposed to leadership

Leadership, though, is a whole other game. Leadership puts the leader on the line. No manual, no rule book, no überleader to point the finger at when things go wrong. If you ask someone for the rule  book on how to lead, you’re secretly wishing to be a manager.

Leaders are vulnerable, not controlling, and they are racing to the top, taking us to a new place, not to the place of cheap, fast, compliant safety.”


“After trust is earned and your work is seen, only a fraction of it is magical enough to be worth spreading. Again, this magic is the work of the human artist, not the corporate machine. We’re no longer interested in average stuff for average people.”


“the people you seek to lead, the people who are helping to define the next thing and the interesting frontier, these people want your humanity..”

A Must Read: Seth’s Blog

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