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More on me and why I started this blog 5+ yrs ago

California boy;  Ohio boy;  Intuit; Netflix; Wineshopper; Mozilla; CFO; Dad, gadget freak, sports nut; student-of-the-game; teacher; coach;

I am passionate about building great cultures, making a difference, making an impact, learning, teaching what I’ve learned, having fun and staying balanced.

I am currently studying the power of being authentic, open, and vulnerable in today’s world – an interesting balancing point for a CFO and Dad.  Then again, I’m routinely  told by most friends and colleagues that I’m not your typical CFO.  As far as Dad’s go, I’m doing my very best to simply be present and do so in an authentic and open way.

I’m dedicating this blog to ACTing – the balancing act of being Authentic, Connected, and Transparent.

I believe we are in a new Open Age requiring all of us to ACT as we enter a powerful Collaboration Revolution of innovation, creativity, and worldwide change driven by fast and free information and communications.  The technologies that have disconnected many of us for the last few decades are now enabling all of us once again to be connected and to reestablish purpose and meaning in our lives.

And so we begin with the age old methodology of storytelling – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or our own blog sites.  We are creating new timelines. Tribes are reemerging.  We are all finding our voices. This blog will add one voice….mine.  Many of these writings and posts are personal mantra’s, coaching, and part of my playbook I regularly use in verbal conversations with people in my professional and personal life.

It’s time to simply write them down….


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